Help decide how to spend $1 million for neighborhood improvements in Astoria

Participatory Budgeting
Photo courtesy of Councilman Costa Constantinides

Councilman Costa Constantinides is giving Astoria residents a chance to decide how $1 million in participatory budgeting should be spent to improve their community.

Nearly 400 residents brainstormed more than 600 ideas for how the money could be spent last fall and the proposals were whittled down to 12. Now, residents will vote on their top five projects in a variety of locations from April 9 through April 13.

“This program is a rewarding opportunity for our community to become more civically engaged and get a hands-on experience with the city budget process,” Constantinides said. “I thank everyone who brainstormed and submitted capital project ideas, who volunteered to join our committees, and who discussed and debated these proposals over the last few months. I’m looking forward to seeing which projects the community likes best.”

The ballot proposals include $250,000 for road repair and resurfacing; $3,000 for installing a tool shed at Two Coves Community Garden, which is located at Eighth Street between Astoria Boulevard and 30th Avenue; and $150,000 for lighting at the Astoria Houses Community Center.

Many of the ballot proposals include upgrades to neighborhood schools such as $350,000 for technology updates and $250,000 for a hydroponics lab at Long Island City High School; a $250,000 gate refurbishment for M.S. 126; and $125,000 to replace the audio and video system at P.S. 122’s auditorium.

A $150,000 tech lab for I.S. 10, $300,000 for a STEM lab at I.S. 41, a $250,000 research library at P.S. 17, and a $450,000 security system for the Young Women’s Leadership School are also included on the ballot.

Residents can also vote to redo the children’s area at Astoria and Steinway libraries for $300,000.

To volunteer to assist at voting sites, register here.


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