JFK Airport Deputy GM Selden ascends to GM of Atlanta Airport.

John Selden is set to pilot Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as General Manager, effective October 1. Selden has been a behind the scenes mover at JFK Airport for the last four years, and was given a hearty farewell by work associates and long time friends. Shelley LaRose, Commissioner of MacArthur Airport remembers when John worked for her many years ago after he left American Airlines as a pilot to work Republic Airport in Farmingdale.

They have remained good friends man years later. She said, “We are losing to him to Atlanta, but it is closer for him to his love, Puerto Rico.” Frank DiMola of TFAC thanked Selden on behalf of Terminal 4, whose CEO, Roel Huinink was at the party, “We thank you for your leadership, and integrity for always finding solutions. It is in your DNA.” Compliments from leaders of LaGuardia, CBP, FAA, JFK maintenance, former General Manager, the Airtrain Manager and others rounded out the heartfelt loss of his leaving. Selden thanked the well wishers and said overall he very much enjoyed his position as JFK. When asked what was his favorite project was he said “I am especially proud of several improvements of which the bay runway is my favorite. The bay runways were my favorite.” And it is fitting that infrastructure is his strength for he heads to Atlanta to build the $6 billion airport project there. It was clear that the airport JFK community JFK will miss Selden’s regular interactions with the everyone. A ringing endorsement at the luncheon indicated that ATL is fortunate to have him as their new general manager.

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