Middle Village Girl Scout delivers bedtime kits to children in need

Courtesy of the Lampman family

Anna Lampman, a 13-year-old Girl Scout from Middle Village, is working for her Silver Award in a way that will continue helping needy children by donating a kit with various comfort items to help them at bedtime.

Lampman’s efforts began with asking herself what items and routines are necessary for her before gathering items from the community which has rallied around her cause as more than just a Silver Award project.

“I thought about what comforts me at night – a stuffed animal, brushing my teeth beforehand, reading a book and a warm blanket – and I researched online different homeless shelters and what kids need and it was comfort, so I thought it was perfect,” Lampman said.

Since the drive is associated with the Girl Scouts, monetary donations were not allowed, but that has not been an obstacle to Lampman.

Lampman began by speaking with her principal about how the school could help and flyers were dispersed at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy and the churches associated with it.

“A lot of people have been hearing about it, people like my neighbors and families I’ve never met at the school have been coming up to me to talking to me about it, asking how they can donate,” Lampman said. “As long as I keep getting donations I’m going to keep doing it.”

Local dentists supplied toothpaste and toothbrushes while the locals donated either new or used blankets and stuffed animals.

Lampman has been donating since before Christmas when she made a drop off at a center in Long Island City.

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