Starbucks opens its newest location on Francis Lewis Boulevard in Bayside

The new Bayside Starbucks at 32-02 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Photo credit: Louis La Sala

Bayside residents can get their caffeine fix at a brand-new Starbucks location.

The popular Seattle-based coffee chain set up shop at 32-02 Francis Lewis Blvd., replacing a former Capital One Bank branch. The location is the third to open in Bayside.

QNS learned that the Department of Buildings approved an application for an Alteration Type 1 permit back in September 2018. The application would change the building usage from a bank to an eating and drinking establishment, change the building’s footprint and allow for interior renovations to occur.

Photo credit: Louis La Sala

The store operators filed an application for a Certificate of Public Assembly in November 2018 and DOB issued work permits for the location in February 2019.

Locals were excited to check out the newly minted location, which features ample seating and an on-site parking lot. DOB said that they had not received an application for a drive-thru at the location when QNS inquired in March.

In December, Starbucks opened up at The Bay Terrace shopping center at 23-98 Bell Blvd. Other nearby locations include 215-29 Northern Blvd. in Bayside and 224-04 Horace Harding Expy. in Oakland Gardens.

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