Forest Hills musician releases new album featuring unusual instruments


Sunny Knable, a Forest Hills resident and adjunct professor at both the Queens College and LaGuardia Community College, has always had a passion for music. That passion has grown into a life driven by the production of music and the joy that accompanies the work.

Knable’s latest album “Song of the Redwood-Tree” features the robust and beautiful sound of the bassoon. The musician has directed and conducted many symphonies and orchestras, but is becoming well-known for his reach into instruments that are scarcely heard from.

“I didn’t know that this decade would define me as the composer of multiple successful pieces for bassoon,” Knable said. “I had written for the often underused bass instrument in woodwind quintets and large ensembles but had never fully explored its soloistic capabilities until I had the good fortune of meeting the rollicking performer that is Scott Pool.”

Pool, a moosman artist and bassoon professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, is heavily featured on “Song of the Redwood-Tree.” Knable said he was inspired to write the album after hearing Pool play.  

The composer brings Pool’s bassoon into contact with the wondrous notes of a piano and the melodious tune of soprano to take you into the heart of the redwood forest.

Pool will play the bassoon during a live performance of  “Song of the Redwood-Tree” at Carnegie Hall on March 31, 2020.

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