Terminal Consolidations at JFK have airlines sharing resources. Covid-19 descends on air travel with ill effects

Terminal Consolidations at JFK have airlines sharing resources.  Covid-19 descends on air travel with ill effects
Empty gates at JFK Airport Terminal 4
Photo by Jeff Yapalater

As of Wed March 25, JFK International Airport terminals will begin to consolidate some of their airline flights. Many airline operations will move from their normal terminal to other terminals during evening hours consolidating reduced airline flights and sharing security and related personnel. JFKIAT T4 and American Airlines T8 will act as consolidation terminals. JetBlue will operate a bit differently with arrivals and departures ab both T5 and &4.

Many airlines are working at greatly reduced capacity with some approaching a 60 % or more reduction in passengers. Many flights are very light and there are regular cancellations due to a variety of reasons such as government initiatives, airports contractions with airlines modifying schedules around the country and world. Total flights handled at JFK for example have by fallen by about 50% over the past couple of days due to rapidly changing air travel environment. As a result many business partners have scaled back terminal operations, ramp services, concessions and personnel reducing the need for vast terminals to operate normally. Unfortunately these scale backs have affected workers with many being furloughed or laid off. TSA has been impacted by the virus as well with some self quarantine. The remaining workforce will be redeployed at the consolidation points to screen and provide security with the increased traffic at those locations due to consolidations. The Custom Border Protection will likely follow suit in the consolidation.

Specific terminal and airline changes include:-JFKIAT T4 will operate 24/7.

-T8 will operate normally arrivals and departures until 20:00hrs then move it’s departures to T4.

-T1 will operate normally, until 20:00hrs, 8pm. then close until 04:30 daily.

-T5 JetBlue will operate normal inbound and outbound flights until 20:00hrs, 8pm. Then check-in and departures T4.

All JetBlue arrivals will continue in T5 for all flights.

-T2 Operates many Delta flights and will now move departures and arrivals out of the main Delta gates at T4.

-T7 Effectively closed for travel. British Ai8rways, Iberia, Alaska and others till be operating out of Terminal 8.

-All Nippon Airway ( ANA ) will initially be checking passengers at T7 then transferring to T4 for departures.

The Airtrain and connection to Jamaica LIRR and buses will operate normally.

NY Express buses are operating from JFK to LaGuardia, Newark Grand Central and Port Authority stations.

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