Victoria’s Diary: Finding the silver lining during these difficult times

My darlings living nearby is my silver lining to the pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, life has changed for me in so many ways — both big and small. But in times like this, I remember what my mom used to say: “From something bad, good will come!”

I read and sadly hear every day the pain of the pandemic, whether it be the terror of losing a loved one or a business owner’s dream now in shambles. But I also see how my life has changed and feel better knowing that there are good things that have come from this frightening time.

I’ve thought about how these last few months must have a silver lining — we just have to look for it! There have certainly been some positives to take away from this, and I asked friends, family and colleagues to share their feelings.

My grandson Sam and I.

My grandson Sam Broner works for Microsoft and he said his work has taken on a new meaning. 

“I help people collaborate on the internet and suddenly I’m not just helpful — my work is necessary,” he said.

City Councilman Donovan Richards

City Councilman Donovan Richards, the Democratic nominee for Queens borough president, said he has seen the “World’s Borough” come together like never before. 

“I’ve witnessed Queens residents band together during the most painful times in our city’s history. From feeding the hungry to consoling those who’ve lost loved ones, my faith in humanity has been renewed.”

Kevin O’Connor, CEO of BNB Bank

Kevin O’Connor, CEO of BNB Bank, said he has been impressed with “the cooperation and coordination of efforts to assist those in need. The easiest place for me to see it was our own BNB team, which rallied over the course of a month to help 4,000 Long Island businesses obtain PPP funding. It was another in a long line of examples of the compassion and tenacity of Long Islanders when faced with adversity to pull together.” (KEVIN O’CONNOR PHOTO GOES HERE, SILHOUETTE)

amNewYork Metro Deputy Editor Hazel Shahgholi’s beautiful, healthy baby boy Finn Ian Shahgholi.

Our amNewYork Metro Deputy Editor Hazel Shahgholi had a beautiful, healthy baby boy Finn Ian Shahgholi, during the pandemic!

New York Family Editor Donna Duarte-Ladd and her two kids.

Our New York Family Editor Donna Duarte-Ladd admitted it’s tough to be a mom and remote writer/editor while working from home, but cherishes the time together with her energetic two boys.

Zach Gewelb, editor in chief of our Queens media.

And Zach Gewelb, the editor of our Queens media outlets, explained how impressed he has been with the amount of compassion he has seen as our team reports on the many acts of kindness during the pandemic. 

My darlings living nearby is my silver lining to the pandemic.

My heart truly swelled with joy when I asked my 9-year-old granddaughter Addy what good has come from the last few months. With a glowing smile on her face, she said, “I got to spend more time with my cousins!”

It was a real bonus that my son Josh and his family moved out of Brooklyn and rented a house right near me. For me, having family so close is the shiniest silver lining in these unique times.

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