Victoria’s Secrets: Character counts!

Seated: Ellen Koppelman, Alisa Sorkin, Gloria Kaylie Standing: Eva Galpern, Sandy Cahn, Emily Melnick, Jill Sedley, Connie Rubin and Michelle Barnett

What happened to “character counts”?

These joyous holidays were jarred by news of the continuing struggle for survival of the Ukrainians (my mom was born in Kyiv) and how critical strategically that country is to the stability in Europe. The people of Ukraine have shown great character and courage in fighting for their democracy. 

On a more local level, I was shocked to learn of the revelations about Congressman-elect George Santos, who admitted to lying about his past! 

George Santos is like Pinocchio with all of his lies!

In the 1960s, an investigation launched into Congressman Adam Clayton Powell found he was abusing his privileges as a congressman and was denied from retaining his seat. But the Supreme Court found he could still be seated, since he met the following criteria:

  1. He lives in the state in which he’s elected
  2. He is at least 25 years old
  3. He has been a U.S. citizen for at least seven years

Santos can be sworn into office, but his colleagues in Congress can deny him from being given committees until investigations into his lies can be completed. 

Sadly, unless Santos is found guilty of committing a crime, lying to the people who voted for him based on his lies doesn’t seem to matter. Ironically, he pretended to have given so much money to the Republican party and bamboozled Dr. Harvey Manes, a bright, sophisticated man, into not running for the seat. 

Santos pretended to be Jewish. He pretended he graduated college. He pretended to work for the most prestigious finance firms in our country. He pretended he’s wealthy enough to give his campaign over $700,000, but no one has been able to follow the money trail!

He pretended to have a nonprofit to help animals. I started a nonprofit for special needs children like my daughter Lara and the first thing I did was to get a professional to create a  501(c)(3), which means anyone donating is eligible for a tax deduction and we must file with the federal government. Santos apparently did not do that. 

He’s my congressman now and I’m saddened that the leadership of his party is willing to stand with a man who is a proven liar who deceived us and is about to get away with it.

He’s a modern-day Pinocchio — Pinocchio’s nose was never as big as Santos’ — but he’s laughing all the way from the Hermes store to Congress!

Thankfully, it was announced that a U.S. federal prosecutor who has jurisdiction over federal elections has opened an investigation.

Let’s stay tuned to prosecutors who are looking into Santos’ lies.  

To protect our democracy we need leaders with character and integrity. Character still counts and we deserve better. 

Happy New Year! 

Seated: Cynthia Weisenfeld, Esti Brahver, Helene Hendricks, Bonnie Katz and Donna Schneier Standing: Michelle Barnett, hostess Sandy Cahn, Larry Newman and Maggie Naparstek
Clockwise from l.: Simon Naparstek, Steve Barnett, Stewart Cahn, Carl Wisotsky, Sandy, Ron Sedley, Cole, Larry Neuman, Jeff Weisenfeld, Max Barnett and Bruce Katz
With Meryl Manes, Ernie and Catherine Canadeo and Dr. Harvey Manes
Maria and Tom Moore and Mike and Nancy Burner with me.

My friends from Westhampton Beach went south to celebrate the new year, while I welcomed in the new year, too. Here’s to a great 2023!

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