MTA opens new customer service center at Main Street-Flushing transit hub

The MTA opened a new customer service center, like this one, at the Main Street Flushing subway station. (Courtesy of MTA)

The MTA has opened a customer service center at the Flushing-Main Street 7 train station, one of the busiest in the city’s transit system. Station agents working at the repurposed station booth will be able to assist subway riders with the switch to OMNY and assist commuters with customer complaints and receive updates and information on train delays.

The MTA will also open new customer service centers at the 74th Street-Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue transit hub and the Sutphin Blvd-Archer-Ave-JFK Airport station in Jamaica by the end of the year.

“Navigating our city’s mass transit system can sometimes be confusing, so riders need to have places to go where knowledgeable MTA employees can help them with directions and address their other customer service needs,” Queens Borough President Donovan Richards said. “The Customer Service Centers being opened in our subway system are intended to be those places and should do a great deal to help make our transit system more user-friendly. I’m glad three of these centers will be open in Queens before the end of this year, and I encourage riders to take full advantage of the services these centers will be offering.”

Station agents will be able to guide riders through the Main Street station while it is undergoing a $61 million extreme makeover to improve overcrowding and congestion on the platform and street-level stairs and other upgrades to improve the passenger experience at one of the city’s busiest transit hubs.

“Subway construction at Flushing-Main Street, while necessary to improve access, has made commuting at this busy station even more complicated than usual, so this new Customer Service Center will be a welcome relief for straphangers who may need additional assistance,” state Senator John Liu said. “In order to truly improve the rider experience for all New Yorkers, the MTA must continue to make every effort to keep all trains on track and on time by both upgrading our outdated infrastructure as well as improving customer satisfaction.”

(Courtesy of MTA)

Agents working at the centers 24/7 receive dedicated training on OMNY equipment and all customer service functions that are provided.

“This is a wonderful and much-needed development for an incredibly busy and iconic transit hub like Flushing,” Assemblyman Ron Kim said. “Having a dedicated service center for our diverse and growing neighborhoods is essential, and I would like to thank the MTA for recognizing the transportation needs of our district by bringing this center to our community.”

(Courtesy of MTA)

The MTA also opened two other customer service centers at 34 St-Penn Station in Manhattan and St. George on Staten Island.

“2023 will be a groundbreaking year for customer service at New York City Transit,” NYC Transit President Richard Davey said. “Our North Star commitment to customer satisfaction means bringing the services and support that riders need most to the stations they actually use, and starting today, customers in all five boroughs will benefit from enhanced service available at Customer Service Centers.”