Everyone Yoga promotes wellness to residents and hospitality workers in Ridgewood

everyone yoga
Everyone Yoga, located at 922 Onderdonk Ave., offers a sanctuary for those seeking peace amidst the chaos of everyday life through the practice of mindfulness and wellness.
Photo courtesy of Everyone Yoga

A Ridgewood Yoga studio is helping residents take a much-needed break from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of city life by making the practice of Yoga accessible to all who visit.

Everyone Yoga, which opened its doors last year at 922 Onderdonk Ave., has made Ridgewood its home.

The Ridgewood Studio brings Yoga into the everyday lives of neighbors and yoga enthusiasts, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. It also aims to get hospitality workers in the food and service industry to participate in its studio.

Anna Sofia Ibarra, a co-founder and creative director of Everyone Yoga, says the decision to bring the yoga studio to the neighborhood comes from a growing need for a safe place where individuals could enhance their well-being.

“We created Everyone Yoga to fill a void, providing a space within walking distance where people feel welcome, safe and recognized,” says Ibarra, who is also recognized as a Master in the art of Reiki Master and yoga instructor. “Everyone Yoga is our way of honoring Ridgewood; we created a brand that reflects the diversity, friendliness and caring of this community.”

Everyone Yoga partners with local restaurants to provide their staff with a space to relax, recharge and reinvigorate. Photo courtesy of Everyone Yoga

Maggie Malesytcki and Amelie Kang, the two additional co-founders of Everyone Yoga, brought specific expertise aligned with the studio’s mission when they entered the yoga space.

Malesytcki, who works in the restaurant industry, discovered peace and healing through yoga. Her background in food service facilitated a partnership with Kang, who founded the Chinese Sichuan cuisine restaurant MÁLÀ PROJECT. Together, they aim to introduce yoga to hospitality workers.

Last month, Everyone Yoga collaborated with the MÁLÀ PROJECT to host the restaurant’s monthly managers meeting. The trip to the yoga studio turned into a retreat for restaurant staff who participated in a four-hour combined meditation and yoga class. Kang says the addition of yoga brought a wholesome experience for the hardworking restaurant workers.

“I was amazed at how meditation and yoga positively impacted our meeting,” said Kang. “Our managers were more open, engaged and productive. We plan to offer more opportunities like this to our employees, recognizing the tremendous benefits it brings.”

The studio’s mission, backed by its co-founders, aims to support local businesses by fostering a supportive environment in Ridgewood.

Community Classes at Everyone Yoga start at $10 for a drop-in class, and other affordable packages are available for customers on a budget.

In addition to a wide array of Yoga classes, the Yoga studio also offers a diverse range of Mat Pilates, Zumba and Breathwork, and specialized sessions like Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Baby and Me Yoga, to name a few.

Everyone Yoga encourages its neighbors and residents in the surrounding neighborhoods of Middle Village, Glendale, Bushwick and Greenpoint to join the studio and participate in yoga classes.