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Pier 25A Lightning hands McDonalds of Bayside first loss

DAC Junior Girls

This was a week of nail-biting, down-to-the-wire action-packed drama with most games being won in the final two minutes of play. The McDonald’s of Bayside Rockets suffered their first loss to the Pier 25A Lightning, 19-13, and are tied for first with the electric ones.

The Rockets also managed to pour on the power to zip past the Sparks in a 27-26 win, led by the pilot and co-pilot of the mission, Sarah Ho and Sarah Friedman, who were very damaging to the defense by taking the ball in through the middle. Yvonne Uriarte and Allison Belfer were very strong under the boards and gave the Rockets the lion’s share of the rebounds.

For the Lightning, it was once again Brittany Cervino, a strong guard, Rae Underberg and Joy Hallmark, who is almost unstoppable under the boards. Helping to pull the team into first place were the Wiley sisters, Donna and Christina. These two rookies have incredible energy and become better every game. Donna is so good at stopping the ball we expect she will be called for goal-tending.

The Marino Bros. Liberty are still fighting through tough times and again lost a close one in the final minute to the white-hot Pier 25A Lightning, 17-15. Olivia Shendell led her team with eight points per game and was backed up by Alexa Tanney and Alexis Giokas, who came through with a couple of buckets apiece.

This week’s toughness award goes to Toby Benadont, who played through a whole game with a jammed finger and said nothing to her coach until the game was over — that’s love of the game.

The Washington Mutual Bank Sparks may have the smallest team but they have the biggest hearts, led by the Karow twins, Molly and Olivia, a pair of one-two punch point guards who I’m told by their mom, Stacy, “stay up nights under the covers planning plays for the next game.”

Well, it pays off. The twins are each averaging 10 points per game; however, the twins are not alone out there. They are supported by the Ventimiglia sisters, Lauren and Lisa, who remarkably get right in there and fight for rebounds and score a few baskets as well. And we have Samantha Dugan, a rising star and a strong power forward for the Sparks, scoring about four points per game and 10 rebounds.

Senior Girls

Wood Designers still on a roll: PJ Falci and Daughters were going strong into the half. Christina Agnello, Gina LoRiggio, Christine Trezza, Keren Baruch and Jessica Bonfondeo had a comfortable lead; however, Zoe Margolis, Jillian Sucato, Stephanie Mejia and Samantha Zelnick scored 29 points to take the lead and went on to win and remain undefeated in the girls’ senior division.

Another nail-biter: Pizza Chef’s Alana Glaubiger was outstanding, scoring 14 points in the first half of the game. Julia Fusfeld also had a good scoring game. Anna Lizzul, Alana Laskin, Joanna Ramirez and Nicole Davalos did a great job defensively.

But Andie Karow, Zoi Kourkoumelos and Michelle Mirabella of Trio GCA would not go down without a fight. They scored an amazing 33 points in their come-from-behind victory with the help of Elena Brandes, Donna Cafasso, Patricia Salvio and Lorie Grech.

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