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Pakistanis Send Help And Prayers Home

Congressman Joseph Crowley and members of the Queens Pakistan-American community are working together in order to collect money and supplies for the victims of the deadly earthquake that struck South Asia on Saturday, October 8.
Crowley joined community leaders in Jackson Heights last Friday and vowed to fight for more money and aid to help the victims of the deadly quake.
“The U.S. has already committed over $50 million in assistance to Pakistan, and I think more will be needed and more will be on the way,” Crowley said.
In addition, the U.S. sent two C-130’s and four C-117’s carrying over 400,000 tons of aid including food, tents and medicine to the affected area, but many are urging that even more be done.
“There are so many things they need in Pakistan right now, but cash is the best and quickest thing we can send over there to provide for their needs,” said Shakeel Kazmi, a Jackson Heights lawyer and community activist.
Crowley has already written a letter requesting additional funding be added to the Foreign Appropriations bill to help aid in the short- and long-term recovery of the region and is reaching out to local organizations for their support.
During the meeting, Shiv Dass, President of the Jackson Heights Merchants’ Association, announced that his organization would be making a $5,000 donation directly to the President of Pakistan’s Relief Fund.
The earthquake, which registered a 7.6 magnitude, has killed approximately 54,000 people and recent reports have estimated that an additional 65,000 are injured and 2.5 million were left homeless.
On Monday, Crowley continued his efforts reaching out to students at the Razi school in Woodside assuring them that he would continue to work to secure more funds for the affected area.
“There is nothing we can do that will take away the incredible loss felt by many of these students and the entire community at the Razi School,” Crowley said. “I am here today to offer my support, hope and a promise to fight for more funding for the long-term recovery effort in Pakistan.”
Crowley also said he plans on visiting the affected area sometime between now and January.

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