Democratic Leader Manton’s Mistake

To the Editor:
I am writing on behalf of the large number of South Asians, Indians, Bangladeshis, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc. residing in Queens County. County Democratic Party Chair Thomas Manton’s recent appointment of Mr. Mohammed Aminulla, a Bangladeshi Muslim, who has been appointed to Congressman Joseph Crowley’s fund raising committee. His appointment, to the position of Democratic District Leader-At-Large, has created a fire of mistrust regarding the way the hard core members of the Queens County Democratic Organization follow democratic principles in making their party endorsements. Mr. Aminulla’s fund raising initiatives were designed to have Congressman Crowley support the fundamentalist government presently in power in Bangladesh.
What sort of deceit and disdain for Democratic party constituents do the top leaders of the Queens County Democratic party display when they falsify their city residency?
The latest appointment, that of a District Leader-At-Large was made not to a Queens County citizen or a registered Queens voter, but to a resident of Nassau County whose legal address is 52 James Street, Manhasset Hills, NY 11040.
The South Asian community does not recognize this political appointee as representing the Democratic members of the South Asian community in Queens County. Mr. Manton’s reason for the appointment is that this gentleman ostensibly represents the South Asian community. We wonder why they did not question the avowed political leanings of this new Democratic District Leader-At-Large. This former pro-Islamic Fundamentalist Bangladeshi resident represents a small group of fellow fundamentalists who approved of the current Bangladeshi government’s reign of terror against Hindu and secular groups.
There are any number of qualified Democratic Party members in our large and extensive South Asian community who would be excellent candidates for this political position which represents Democratic voters.
The Democratic Party of Queens County needs to reassess and revise its policies. Party leadership should be one of transparency and idealism. The noble cause of the democratic process in political participation should not be muddied with self serving ideology.
Asad Bajwa
Queens Village

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