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Queensborough institutes free tuition program

For the first time in a decade, some city students will gain a college education free. Queensborough Community College has launched Aspire to Success, a pilot scholarship program that will offer free tuition within the CUNY system. The program, made available to 30 students, will require the pupils to complete all remedial work in addition to completing their Associate degree in two years, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and carry at least 15 credits a semester.
&#8220We're making a commitment to our students that will break down the barriers to successfully completing their degree in two years,” Eduardo Mart, Ph.D., President of Queensborough Community College said. &#8220And we're asking them to make a commitment to their own success, which will give them a head start in achieving their dreams for their professional lives.”
The Bayside school is seeking to raise $1.2 million the first year and $2.4 million annually each year thereafter, enabling Queensborough Community College to expand the pilot program from the current 30 students to all qualifying entering freshman.
&#8220Our goal is to make a first rate education at Queensborough available to all who will make a commitment to their future. We want more students to complete their Associate degree, and to complete it sooner. And when they've achieved their career goals, they can say it all started at Queensborough Community College.”
The program was instituted in response to the many financial, family and personal obligations that keep students from completing their degree in two years. By eliminating the financial constraints and asking for a commitment, the program will result in a shorter path to an Associate degree and an earlier start to further education or career development for students.
On September 6, Dr. Mart hosted a reception and orientation for the thirty Aspire To Success scholars, alumni, former faculty and supporters of the College. &#8220It was an opportunity to share our vision and convey a sense that extraordinary things are happening at Queensborough Community College for our students, who are the center of all that we do,” Mart said. &#8220The success of this program will lead to more students taking advantage of free tuition, and the attainment of our vision that all who are serious about their education will be given a chance to complete their degree in two years.”
The Directors of the Queensborough Community College Fund, Inc. have demonstrated their support of the program by contributing $100,000 to the effort and are now engaged in seeking additional contributions from alumni, friends and corporations to sustain the program. &#8220We are joining forces to realize a dream we have for the students of the City of New York,” Mart said. &#8220We believe that their success is our success. And with this program, we are helping them to achieve their dreams, both in their lives and in their careers.”

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