Diner temporarily closed

After failing three consecutive health inspections, the Waterview Diner on Cross Bay Boulevard in Howard Beach has been closed down, pending a hearing.
The diner was first inspected by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) on Thursday, May 10 and received a score of 69. It was examined again 19 days later, earning a slightly better score of 38.
DOHMH officials said that scores of 28 and over are considered a failure, meaning the higher the number, the worse the level of violations.
The Waterview was found, however to have recurring pest problems, plumbing violations and difficulties with keeping food contained safely, said Sarah Markt, Deputy Press Secretary for the DOHMH.
On Thursday, June 21, the diner failed again with a score of 50. According to the DOHMH, it also failed to correct the problems from the previous two inspections, prompting the enforced closure.
Two of the largest problems, according to the DOHMH’s violation report, were the Waterview’s failure to protect and store food properly and eight counts of “food conditions conducive to the existence of pest life” in different areas of the kitchen.
A hearing scheduled for Friday, July 6 will decide the fate of the diner.
According to the DOHMH, violations are scored on a point-value system. General violations—the least critical—have a base point value of two, while public health hazards are the most severe with a base point of seven.
Depending on the severity of the situation, points may be added to the base. A score of 28 or higher is a failure, and requires an unannounced compliance inspection. The establishment will be closed down immediately if it has three consecutive failing scores.
Management at the Waterview could not be reached for comment.

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