Gallagher has ‘faith in system’

As the furor surrounding sexual misconduct allegations against City Councilmember Dennis Gallagher dies down, the politician is apparently resuming his normal routine.
Having “complied with the law” by submitting a DNA sample, according to his attorney, Stephen Mahler, Gallagher returned to his home and Middle Village office on Monday, July 16.
“He doesn’t feel guilty of anything,” said Mahler. “He’s going about his business, as his position is that he committed no wrongdoing.”
In a written statement, the politician said, “I just hope that the public doesn’t rush to judgment before all the facts are heard. I have faith in the system.”
At Mahler’s urging, Gallagher has decided that he will not testify before a grand jury if one is, in fact, empanelled, which may be as early as next week.
“Rarely do people who are targets go before a grand jury,” said the attorney.
Following last week’s coverage of the allegations that Gallagher sexually assaulted a 52-year-old woman in his Metropolitan Avenue office, Robert Holden, long-time nemesis and President of the Juniper Park Civic Association, contacted The Queens Courier. He reiterated Gallagher’s alleged involvement in a corruption scandal while he was chief of staff for then-City Council minority leader Thomas V. Ognibene.
Neither Ognibene nor Gallagher were ever charged in the case or confronted by investigators.
Holden then went on to cite the brouhaha surrounding Gallagher’s collectibles company that was allegedly sending out pornography from Christ the King High School.
He also went on to allege that the 43-year-old married councilmember has been intimidating the Juniper Park Civic Association.
In response to Holden’s claims, Mahler said, “He’s just a disgruntled community activist and political adversary. I would not put much stock in anything he says. He’s a guy with a grudge.”
A former Gallagher staffer, who is now part of the investigation, said, “I am not surprised. Dennis always had a pattern of destructive behavior.”
The district attorney’s office is still not commenting on the case.
As for Gallagher’s future, Mahler told The Queens Courier, “People are scarred after such allegations. But why would he give up his career over false accusations?”

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