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Hamilton Beach Civic discusses issues

During the December meeting of the Hamilton Beach Civic Association, the current board members were reappointed to serve again next year.
“We appreciate your confidence,” board president John Bluemke said during the Thursday, December 27 meeting. “I want to personally thank every member of the board. They work hard all year long.”
Serving with Bluemke are vice president Marie Persans, treasurer Margaret Arnold, secretary Naoise Santangelo and corresponding secretary Lucy Karagosian.
Several community issues were discussed during the meeting, which was held in Reilly’s Yacht Club. A Hamilton Beach sign that has been taken down was brought up. Bluemke said that they are rebuilding it and making it stronger. He also said that they are looking into possibly putting security cameras in the area for the future.
Bluemke also described two “disturbing aspects about the sign being taken down.” He said that he originally attributed the sign being taken down to vandalism by local children. However, he said that he had also been informed that it could have been taken down by property owners who are trying to sell their homes and think that calling it Hamilton Beach lessens the value.
“I don’t know which is the truth but we’ll look into it and try to find out,” he said.
Another concern raised was children lingering at night in places such as the boardwalk near the train station. Bluemke explained that the association works closely with a beat officer and that they would bring it up to the officer.
“My best advice is to call 9-1-1 and make a report,” Bluemke said. “COMP stat is an excellent program. The more reports they have from an area, the more they can take care of the area with police.”
Some of the other concerns that were raised during the meeting were UPS and FedEx trucks driving too fast in the area, the bus on Cross Bay Boulevard, people not cleaning up after their dogs and cars driving too fast near the intersection of 102nd and Russell Streets.
“Hamilton Beach is a great place,” Bluemke said at the close of the meeting. “We still have some issues that we have to deal with… It’s a great community because we have great people.”

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