Solving a mystery - one store at a time

Ever since the Water View Diner, at 163rd Street and Cross Bay Boulevard, closed its doors for the last time on Tuesday, March 4, rumors have been swirling as to the fate of the property, owned by Wharton Realty.
Many in the community have heard that the lot would be turned into a bank, but as of yet, nothing has been done.
When The Courier Sun visited the site on Saturday, March 22, only the booths remained inside what was once a neighborhood institution serving generations for nearly 30 years. Litter was strewn on the floor.
Next door, the Staples remains open, despite the fact that it sits on the same lot as the Water View, and that many have questioned its fate as well.
“Staples will be here for minimum the next seven to 10 years serving the community,” said Louise Rossi, General Manager. “We have a commitment to the community and to our associates.”
Rossi went on to say that Staples officials have “done a lot of research” in regards to the lease. She reiterated that they would remain open.
Repeated calls to Elliot Tawil, one of the principals of Wharton Realty, were not returned as of press time.

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