Lafayette will not seek reelection

After 32 years of service in the State Assembly, Ivan Lafayette has decided not to run for reelection, and instead, he will take a job under Governor David Paterson.
“There were other things that people said I could do, particularly the Governor,” said Lafayette, who has been deeply involved in the 34th Assembly District in Queens and called the 32 years he worked in the Assembly like a “career” to him.
“I did this because I felt like it was time for a change of jobs, and I’m looking forward to starting something new, different and useful,” Lafayette said.
Lafayette declined to elaborate on the details of his new job, but said that it would likely be in the insurance field - something he was closely involved with during his career in the Assembly.
“I’ve grown an expertise in this subject, and I’m prepared to move on,” he said.
Lafayette said he decided to make the announcement now because there would not have to be a special election to find his replacement, and he will stay in the position until the end of his term, which will conclude on December 31.
However, Lafayette’s decision means that the Democratic Party will have to have to select a candidate to run on their ticket in the September primary.
Lafayette’s first choice to be his successor was his Chief of Staff Maureen Allen, but on July 18, the committee of vacancies selected district leader, Michael Den Dekker for that position.
Meanwhile, Lafayette said he is proud he is leaving his district in much better shape than when he came into office.
“I’m happy that when I first came here, [the] community had very serious problems and was not being respected, but now that I’m leaving, I can see that the city is back to its glory years and the community is in great shape,” he said.

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