Robberies up in 102nd Precinct

People need to watch their belongings, warned Captain Charles McEvoy of the 102nd Precinct, as there has been an upswing in robberies in the area.
The officer, who addressed the crowd at the most recent meeting of the Richmond Hill Block Association (RHBA), said that there was an increase in youth-on-youth robberies, not necessarily involving Richmond Hill High School.
Grand theft auto went down, and the precinct is doing well with burglaries, McEvoy reported, but cautioned, “Grand larceny is plaguing the 102nd Precinct.”
Residents especially need to watch their possessions in cars, McEvoy said, because of a string of car break-ins. The officer gave the example of a woman going to the supermarket. If she needs to go back into the store for one more thing, she should take her pocketbook with her. Leaving it in the car would up the risk of a robber smashing the window and running off with the bag. “Don’t leave it in your car,” he said.
Identity theft has also become a big concern. “It’s the crime of the time,” McEvoy said. “Never ever give your Social Security number to anyone.”
The poor economy also leads people to steal, he warned. Robbers would snatch a credit card just to fill up their gas tanks, the Captain said. “You’ve got to be extra careful of your cards.”

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