Three saved from Breezy Point waters

Firefighters saved three people trapped on a jetty off Breezy Point on Sunday, August 24.
Around 4 p.m., Robert Senatore and Dean Tartaro came to the rescue of Iseral Gualpa, 26, and Christian Palaguachi, 15, who had presumably gone out on the jetty to fish, according to their heroic rescuers.
At the time of the dangerous incident, Palaguachi and Gualpa were trying to walk through the waves back to the shore, Senatore said.
Instead of heeding the firefighters’ warning to wait up to three hours on the jetty until lower tide, the pair only waited for two hours, said the rescuer.
“We told them to wait three hours until the tide goes down. The waves weren’t reaching them where they were,” Senatore explained. “It would have been fine if they had stayed another hour. “The waves kept crashing over them,” he added.
The two were pulled into a rescue boat, together with Palaguachi’s father, who had attempted to help, said Senatore. All three suffered minor injuries, he noted.
Many people go to the jetty for fishing although it’s a dangerous spot because the waters around it are always rough, Senatore explained.
Being on the jetty is also illegal, said Officer Andy Mitchell of the 100th Precinct.

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