Friends influence your kids’ grades

Who’s the biggest influence in your teen’s academic life?

You probably think it’s you, or possibly your child’s favorite teacher. Surprise! It’s not. While parents and teachers inspire, encourage and even push high-schoolers to do well in school, teens actually look to their peers – be they friends, BFFs, boyfriends, girlfriends or crushes – to guide their performance in school.

I’ve talked to teens. I’ve eavesdropped on their conversations and read their Facebook pages. And from what I’ve observed, teens tend to do as well in school as the important peers in their lives.

They enroll in certain classes just to be with a good friend or a romantic interest. If their friends care about school and get good grades, they’ll push themselves to keep up.

A so-so student may work hard to improve his grades if he starts dating an honor-roll student. On the other hand, if a child falls in with a crowd that couldn’t care less about school, she may deliberately slack off on her homework just to fit in with the group.

Do you want your child to succeed in school? Then learn who their friends are and encourage them to stick with the ones who love learning.

Are you a teen who cares about excellence? Surround yourself with friends who feel the same way.

Vera Borukhov founder of Veracity Learning Inc., devoted to providing English and Entrepreneurial education to uncover your child’s genius. Contact Veracity to better your child’s school experience and give you peace of mind. 718-790-8911 or at www.veracitylearning.com

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