Name: Daniel M. Donovan, Jr.
Age: 53
Party Affiliation: Republican
Occupation: Richmond County District Attorney
Decision to Run: This much is clear to me and so many New Yorkers: Albany is broken and we all deserve better. Corruption and dysfunction are all too commonplace and powerful insiders control the process to benefit a narrow few. Like so many New Yorkers, I became frustrated and disappointed with our state government.
As Attorney General, I will be an independent voice to bring about real change in our state government – to root out corruption and implement measures that will hold Albany accountable to the people of this state. I am the only candidate in this race that can truly say that I am independent of any special interests and can point to specific actions I’ve taken that have put the integrity of my office and my sworn duty to serve the people of New York first.
Major Issues: For far too many New Yorkers, the American Dream of homeownership has turned into a nightmare of foreclosure. In some cases, families fall victim to con-artists promising easy homeownership, or even worse, some families already facing foreclosure desperately turned to scammers offering financial relief, only to wind up in a more desperate financial situation. In this economy far too many individuals are being preyed upon by unscrupulous individuals and businesses.
As Attorney General, I’ll continue to focus on protecting consumers from these scam artists and criminals and aggressively pursue prosecutions of individuals and businesses preying on New Yorkers.
Top Priorities: Increasing transparency and accountability in Albany is critical. As Attorney General, I will make rooting out public corruption my priority. This includes implementing measures that will act as a deterrent, to prevent corruption and cheating before it even occurs.

Name: Eric T. Schneiderman

Age: 55

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: State Senator, candidate for Attorney General

Decision to Run: As a lifelong, progressive Democrat, I believe that there is no higher calling than the pursuit of justice: equal justice regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, independent justice without regard to political or special interests, and progressive justice that takes an activist approach to protecting everyday New Yorkers. I have dedicated my whole life to fighting for justice; I believe I am uniquely qualified to run the best public interest firm in the country. As a lawmaker, I have worked to pass tough consumer protection and anti-fraud laws. As attorney general, I can do even more to make sure corporations are playing by the rules.

Major Issues: In tough economic times, hardworking New Yorkers are being targeted with illegally marketed loans, false promises to avoid home foreclosure, or abusive debt collection practices. As Attorney General, I will establish a “Protect Your Home and Neighborhood” Agenda to fight mortgage and housing fraud scams and secure restitution for victims. Families are also struggling with skyrocketing health care costs and insurance companies that refuse to play by the rules. As Attorney General, I will ensure insurance companies are spending patient premiums on patient care, not on executive compensation.

Top Priority: In addition to fighting for economic justice on Day One, as Attorney General, I will immediately focus on ending corruption in government. I was the author of the most sweeping Ethics Reform legislation to pass the legislature since Watergate. As Attorney General, I will use the powerful tools of the office to take on public corruption across the state, and fight for even more enforcement power to hold those who violate the public’s trust accountable.

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