Meet the Candidates

With the November 2, Election Day, less than two weeks away, The Queens Courier wanted to make sure its readers knew who was running for what seat and where the candidates stood on certain issues.

During the past month, we sought out responses from candidates including U.S. Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, State Senate and Congress.

We had them answer a few simple questions in 300 words or less that will provide you with some basic insights about the people you will choose between at the polls.

Most of the candidates running for election have web sites, so if you want to know more about your candidate or call their campaign, a simple Google search of the person’s name should get you that information.

The only candidate not to respond to more than a dozen requests to answer our questionnaire was Republican Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.

Make sure to check next week’s paper to find out the latest news on many of the high-profile races and make sure to log onto qns.com to find out all the breaking news on Election night.

Candidates for Governor

Candidates for Comptroller

Candidates for Attorney General

Candidates for NY Junior Senator

Candidates for NY Senior Senator

Candidates for State Senate 11

Candidates for States Senate 12

Candidates for State Senate 13

Candidates for State Senate 15

Candidates for Congressional District 5

Candidates for Congressional District 6

Candidates for Congressional District 7

Candidates for Congressional District 9

Candidates for Congressional District 14

Candidates for Assembly District 23

Candidates for Assembly District 24

Candidates for Assembly District 26

Candidates for Assembly District 28

Candidates for Assembly District 30

Candidates for Assembly District 37

Candidates for Assembly District 38

Candidates for Assembly District 39

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