Weiner casts ballot, voters complain

Congressember Anthony Weiner voted this morning at P.S. 101Q in Forest Hills, among a turnout that poll workers called “a significant upgrade over last Primary Day and higher than last November as well.”

“On Primary Day we were fighting to stay awake,” remarked a poll worker. “Today we’re seeing a tenfold increase.”

Some voters, including Weiner, complained about the small print on ballots and that the “magnifying sheets” they handed out were not much help.

“The size of the ballot is a major problem,” said Weiner, who cast his vote at 9:30 a.m. “And the plastic magnifying sheet creates this Coke bottle effect that makes it worse.”

Outside of the school, a voter said that the second proposal was really long and that, “whoever is in charge of that sort of thing should consider changing the font size.”

Weiner also said that, for the most part, he was not aware of any major issues at polling stations, but that some complaints about voting hiccups had come in from Lindenwood. While it was smooth sailing for now, Weiner noted that, “the day is young.”

“There are a lot of complaints about small print, especially with the ballot proposals,” he said. “But that’s a statutory problem – having it all on one side.”

The congressman’s opponent in the District 5 Congressional Race, Republican Bob Turner, voted in Rockaway Point and said that he believes voters will seek a change from politics-as-usual.

As for his chances of being reelected, Weiner said he was confident, but also that he understands the fickle nature of Election Day and that anything can happen. He said that he’s taking nothing for granted and that with this election, citizens will decide either to “move forward or take a step back.”


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