Eviction holds cops hostage

A man who barricaded himself in his home surrendered peacefully after three hours on Friday, January 7.
According to a police source, a city Marshal was “attempting to execute a lawful eviction at 162-23 90th Street.” The resident, identified by the source as William Leonardo, 54, allegedly “threatened to shoot the Marshal if he didn’t leave the property.”
He called for backup and the 106th Precinct responded and established a “safety zone.” Emergency Service Units (ESU) also responded and removed residents on 90th Street between 162nd and 163rd Avenues. Hostage negotiators engaged Leonardo in conversation, according to the source, and he surrendered peacefully at 6:30 p.m. There were no injuries, though Leonardo was taken to Jamaica Hospital. A loaded .25 caliber gun was discovered at the scene.

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