New comic teaches fire safety

In this comic the super heroes aren’t only saving the world, they’re teaching life-saving lessons.

Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano recently unveiled a new Marvel comic featuring Captain America, Spider-Man and FDNY firefighters battling fire and super-villains.

The comic was unveiled at Midtown Comics in Manhattan by the commissioner and the super heroes featured in the comic.

“Comics and Marvel super-heroes are increasingly popular with both children and adults. Making the fire safety message entertaining is a great way to bring it to an even larger audience,” said Commissioner Cassano. “We know that the work done by this Department and the FDNY Foundation to teach people of all ages how to make themselves and their homes fire safe has had a direct relation to the decrease of fire deaths in New York City.”

The ten page comic teaches lessons of fire safety and features a cliff-hanger ending sending fans to the FDNY Foundation website (www.fdnyfoundation.org) to see the story’s resolution.

These limited edition comic books will be distributed free at FDNY Fire Safety Education events, and at the FDNY Fire Zone in Rockefeller Center (www.fdnyfirezone.org), while supplies last.

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