Volunteers turning barriers into art

An eyesore is being turned into art.

The cement barriers that line the intersection of Centreville Street and 149th Avenue in Ozone Park will act as a canvas as the barriers are painted to improve the appearance of the area.

The cement barriers were installed to prevent drivers from bypassing the red light at the intersection about three or fours years ago, said Howie Kamph, president of the Ozone Park Civic Association.

Requests for plastic barriers or new cement barriers were made to help improve the area’s appearance. The Department of Transportation (DOT) agreed to give the barriers a make-over instead.

The painting began on Saturday, April 16, as the DOT supervised volunteers from around the city who lent a hand in the beautification. Saturday’s severel prevented the work from being completed and washed away much of the painting already done.

This intersection has also been approved for the city’s Greenstreets program, but that plan was put on hold because it would have been affected by the planned Albert Road reconstruction (HWQ411B) project. The Greenstreets plan will be incorporated into the Albert Road project, Kamph said.

The DOT did not return a request for a timetable of when the work will be finished.

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