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Dishing with Dee: Boro precincts hold successful National Night Out events

By Dee Richard

When will this heat wave cease? It’s really beginning to get to almost everyone. Our energy seems to have got up and went, paraphrasing the popular street vernacular. Our creative minds seem to have departed with our energy — not a rocket scientist left among us.

Of course, the saving grace in all this is that several months from now we will all be equally complaining about the bitter cold. What’s a mother to do? You simply can’t win for losing!

On July 31, the Douglaston-Little Neck Historical Society held its annual Enchantment House and Garden Party. This year it was at the Rose Cottage on Depew Avenue in the Douglaston Hill Historic District. It was like going back in time to a kinder, gentler place. It was a refreshing change with good conversations shared with good friends and some good food and beverages thrown in for equal enjoyment, which made an absolutely lovely way to spend a hot summer day. The huge property with all its massive trees gives the impression of picnicking in a park and was also a number of degrees cooler. Be sure to invite me again next year, as I just loved it!

Aug. 2 was the annual National Night Out Against Crime. Queens is such a large borough and we are fortunate to have many local precincts. Unfortunately, in four hours’ time it’s impossible to get to them all and this has everyone more or less visiting the precincts that are close to home.

It’s good for both the people and their local police to get together and spend a pleasant evening together. It is especially good for young people to get to know their local police on a friendly basis, rather than on a confrontational one.

The Night Outs also have lots of tables set up to supply people with literature containing information and help on various and necessary topics ranging from nutrition to crime prevention. There is also the usual give-aways plus food and entertainment for children as well as adults. A good time is usually had by all.

This year, I was only able to cover the 107th and 111th precincts. I spent so much time visiting with friends at each that it became way too late to try and visit any others.

At the 107th Precinct, it was a rather sad evening as it was the last one for Nettie Mayersohn as our Assembly person. Nettie and I go back a long way, more years than either of us care to remember. She is one of my favorite electeds and I shall miss her and her input.

After the evening’s festivities were over, the two of us sat on the stage steps and reminisced over all the times we shared together, which included the good, the bad and the indifferent. Sometimes the best way to learn is the exposure to all possibilities. I’m sure Nettie will still be out there supporting her community.

Michael Simanowitz, Nettie’s chief of staff, is now running for her open seat. Michael is a good guy and I hope he makes it, as Nettie trained him well. We all know what a great job she did. If you live in their district, get out to vote for him on Primary Day. I’m sure you won’t be sorry.

Last Thursday night, we girls and I held our Monthly Girls’ Night Out. This was a resumption of our monthly dinners which had fallen off due to the heat and the death of one of our members’ sons.

Il Bacco was again our restaurant of choice and it was packed as usual. Besides our usual girls’ group, there were also many of our other friends enjoying their dinners and drinks. For all you movie trivia fans, did you know the shortest of the three bartenders was Anthony Gousaris? In the movie “The Godfather,” when Marlon Brando was in the garden playing with his grandson just before he dies, Anthony was Marlon’s movie grandson. Now how did a nice Greek boy get that gig? Anthony is now a bartender at Il Bacco, so be sure to stop by and say hi, as he is a nice guy and lots of fun.

It’s sad to report the end of an era. Former Gov. Hugh Carey died at his Shelter Island summer home Sunday morning. He was 92. Both Daniel Moynihan and Hugh Carey will be missed. After them, they broke the mold. Our dysfunctional Albany could certainly use more statesmen like those two.

I look forward to your voice mails at 718-767-6484, faxes at 718-746-0066 and e-mails at deerrichard@aol.com.

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