Pols remember 9/11: State Senator Joseph Addabbo

Where were you when you heard that planes had struck the World Trade Center?
It was Primary Day, in my first election to the City Council. Some of my friends had taken off from work to help with my campaign. They are alive today because they helped me.
When we heard the first plane hit we were campaigning at M.S. 202. We drove to Pitkin Avenue, where we could see the Towers.
Now I can see the new tower being built at the same point.

What was your initial reaction to the attack?
Shock. When the first plane hit we thought it was an accident. I had a flood of emotions I’ve never felt before – anger, sadness, I didn’t know what to do.
I see it as one of the largest rescue and recovery efforts. How many other people could have died if not for the First Responders. The only bright spot is all the people that were saved.

Ten years later, what are your thoughts and feelings about how far we have come since then?
Ten years later I feel we’re a more cautious, pensive population. It’s a different life, we look at things differently. [September 11] changed our consciousness. Our perspective on the whole world has changed, not only nationally, but globally.

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