Tow truck causes hassle in parking lot

I read an article last October regarding the parking lot at the intersection of Northern and Bell boulevards servicing CVS and Party City. While I realize there is a potential problem with cars parking there illegally to patronize food carts or other establishments, what I witnessed the night of July 20 is a greater problem.

I got a frantic call from my husband, who had gone to CVS to pick up a few items. He told me his car had been stolen while he was inside CVS and asked me to come pick him up. In the meantime, he was walking over to the police precinct on the next block to file a report.

As he crossed the street, he saw his car up on a tow truck. The truck operator said my husband had parked his car and left the premises, but he was in CVS for about 10 minutes. At the same time, I was pulling into the lot to pick up my husband.

The tow truck was in the lot towing another car. Traffic was blocked onto Bell Boulevard and cars were forced to drive through the lot the wrong way while the tow truck blocked the flow of traffic. Horns were beeping, alarms were blaring and children were trying to get across the lot. All in all, a dangerous situation.

When we went into CVS to talk to the manager, an employee told us he had received several of the same complaints that day. It would seem that the towing company, ASAP Trucking, tows whatever cars it has clear access to and then will take your money to unhook your car.

I will not be shopping in CVS or Party City anymore because I would not want to take the chance that my car may be towed.

Susan Damato


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