Victoria’s Diary: Putting my footprint in the sand

Cherish the days we walk the beach.

The beach season supposedly ends with Labor Day, but after our acquisition of Dan’s Papers, the “season” is carrying on for me.

The ocean is a good place to think, to breathe and to feel the wind in my face. There’s something rejuvenating about having the sand between my toes and the sun warm my face and soul, even if I’m bundled up!

As I walk on the empty beach, I can hear the endless waves crash up against the pearl white sand and sniff the ocean breeze. In a moment of reflection, I am reminded that we are all specks of sand and better cherish the days we walk the beach.

The timelessness of the ocean makes me realize how I believe that my footprint will not be washed away, but rather be embedded in what I give the world.

In times like now, the simple act of walking to my polling place is impactful. A mark in the sand.

These next few days are all about our democratic right to vote and elect new leaders of our political world. 

As contentious as the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is, I was fascinated to learn while watching my favorite Sunday morning show that the race between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden in 1876 was no less polarizing. In fact, the country didn’t elect a president until days before the inauguration held in March. It reminded me that our democracy, for better or worse, survives.

I’ve been very impressed to see that long lines to vote early are appearing daily across the country, especially at the 88 early voting sites in New York City, as well 12 sites in Suffolk County, and 15 sites in Nassau County on Long Island.

I’m a traditionalist so I will wait to cast my vote until Nov. 3. But cast my vote, I will. My footprint will be in that “sandbox.”

Some candidates remind me of my late, great, dear friend and public servant Claire Shulman. She put more shovels in the ground and created more projects than any other borough president in the history of Queens and served our borough until her dying days at 94 years old. 

Tom Suozzi, who is running for re-election for Congress, is made from the same cloth as Claire and is a true public servant. Coming from Glen Cove on Long Island as a political leader — both as mayor of Glen Cove, then as Nassau County executive — he knew little about Queens. But he is a fast learner and has become a great friend and leader to the northeast Queens communities that he serves. 

Congressman Tom Suozzi

While Tom was a Nassau County man, he reached out and embraced the people of Queens when he first ran for Congress. He came and conquered the hearts and minds of his would-be constituents in Queens, won the election, and has stayed involved over his many years of service to us.

In addition to Tom, old friends Rebecca Seawright, Carolyn Maloney and Toby Ann Stavisky are running for re-election in the state Assembly, Congress and state Senate, respectively. They have served their constituents with real results benefiting the communities that they represent and beyond.


These are the most challenging times I have ever seen, and with people like Tom Suozzi, Rebecca Seawright, Carolyn Maloney and Toby Ann Stavisky representing us, I know we have dedicated leaders who have devoted their lives to public service and care about making a difference.

On to victory!

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