Hey Mr. Peralta now you can drive yellow cabs. Plenty of free time now crook.

Well Done Elmhurst United. Homeless shelters like the Pan Am does not work. It's too expensive and the only people who benefit are the so called shelter providers and the landlords. I see poor little kids wake up really early to get on a bus, or ride the train to their schools across town and in other boros. I also see parents going to McDonalds often, as it's really the only affordable resturant in the area. Area residents are upset that in a school district that is already overcrowded, that outside students get prority for local school seats. All around, it's a bad situation.

They don't have a real picture of him instead of poor picture captured by cam

I can't believe it how much has quickly changed since the Q52/Q53 SBS rolls around: More congestion, less local business, etc.

Such everyday bureaucracy by the MTA.

The State Senate could make or break on which funding proposals will be passed for MTA funding in the future?

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