Little Neck

Short term inconveniences bring long term benefits.

Short-term inconveniences brings long-term benefits.

Every time there's construction in NYC, of course parking spaces will be reduced there.

Even "David" the independent transportation advocate will make changes to this "Goliath" transportation agency.

When will this hapeen in Flushing??

I am blessed to have a great family: my amazing husband, Bassam, and our two wonderful children, Nicole and Daniel. I have worked since 1993 as the high school guidance counselor at Lexington School for the Deaf. The last four plus years have been really rough. In May of 2011 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 3C. I continued to work while undergoing surgery and then chemo. Shortly afterwards, I joined, Empire, the only cancer Dragonboat team. I got stronger. In August 2014. I recurred - more surgery, more chemo. Throughout it all my family, my friends, school community and my Dragonboat team helped me to thrive. I am again in remission. I feel blessed. My family especially my husband, Bassam, has been so supportive, but we all could use a vacation. We have not been anywhere in years. We could all use a break, the sun and fun of Cancun beckons!

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