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Boy are you off the wall, Linda. Just look at the film that won best picture last week. Portrays Italians as buffoons. You'll never see Blacks portrayed negatively. Suggest you grab a cup of cappuccino and wake up.

I am not of Italian descent, but I never hear negative stereotypical remarks about Italians. Years ago, there were commentd because of the Mafia, but organized crime has gone international now. This is a nice idea for the community, but I don't really believe such ugly views still exist.

Correction: LIRR's fleet of unregulated, Non-Tier locomotives -- including those NYAR uses -- pollute like 1.2 million cars. The four locomotives NYAR is refurbishing for use at Fresh Pond Yard pollute like 120,000 cars. See this slide from Diesel Technology Forum.

There is one state-of-the-art Tier 4 Switch Duty Cycle locomotive at Fresh Pond Yard today, and no more are on order. The US EPA Certified, California Air Resources Board Verified Tier 4 Switcher locomotive was manufactured by Knoxville Locomotive Works. Waste Management purchased the locomotive with a $1 million US EPA grant that was obtained by the NYC Economic Development Corporation. WM provided a generous cash match. LIRR had nothing to do with this purchase. In fact, LIRR refused to participate when NYC EDC asked them to. The new Tier 4 Switcher is a "mother-slug" locomotive that eliminates 95% of diesel pollution compared to the 1970's freight locomotives the New York & Atlantic Railway and LIRR use today. Now our Senator Addabbo and our Assemblyman Miller are asking LIRR to replace all the old switcher locomotives NYAR is using with new Tier 4 locomotives that are as clean or cleaner than what Waste Management bought. State funding is available to purchase at least four Tier 4 Switch Duty Cycle locomotives in a Tier 4 locomotive procurement LIRR has underway. Since 2013, Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi has successfully led funding requests to replace NYAR's locomotives -- a total of $18 million to date. The way LIRR's procurement is written only two NYAR locomotives will be replaced (when there are NYS appropriations available for at least four) and LIRR might buy locomotives that will pollute excessively when MTA, the Governor's office, and President Eng promised to buy the cleanest Tier 4 locomotives. To make matters worse, LIRR staff violated Public Authorities Law and sold four of the old locomotives to NYAR for just $43,400 (three of them in 2017 for just $4,000 each) -- when they were worth up to @ $1 million. Worse still, NYAR is getting the four locomotives refurbished for use at Fresh Pond Yard indefinitely. These four ancient locomotives pollute like 1.3 million cars. Why should neighborhoods of Queens have to endure this when citizens and elected officials have worked for a decade so money is available to buy locomotives that eliminate 95% of this pollution?! Fortunately, LIRR President Phil Eng hired an independent consultant to investigate LIRR's fouled up Tier 4 locomotive procurement after Senator Addabbo, Assemblyman Miller, and Assemblywoman Nolan wrote to him and past MTA Chairman Joe Lhota. There are a total of eight possible locomotives in the current RFP, but current purchasing is only for two, and maybe not the right kind. This is a 100% publicly financed procurement and state funding was given to replace locomotives a private company uses in order to improve public health -- not so private companies could milk the MTA and taxpayers without regard for adverse health impacts on Queens neighborhoods. It's up to the MTA Board and President Eng to get this procurement on track and keep the promises that were made to elected officials and citizens who have worked so hard so families and railroad workers can breathe cleaner air for the next 30 - 40 years.

Please fix the title! It's 30 months, not 30 years!

Vacant stores have become a common sight in Queens. I live in Whitestone and there are large stores that have been vacant for years. I suspect that it's because of the skyrocketing rents, as well as the quality of the area. Of course, internet shopping certainly hasn't helped.

NYAR President James Bonner asserts that NYAR is a "good neighbor" that "...follows all applicable laws and regulations and will continue to do so." Why then on April 9, 2018, did the MTA write to Senator Joe Addabbo, Assemblyman Mike Miller, and Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, saying that if allegations now being tried in a court of law and investigated (at the request of the LIRR Committee and MTA Office of the Inspector General) by the NYS Department of Labor and other agencies are "proven to be true" they "call into question the business integrity of NYAR and whether it should be permitted to continue providing rail freight services over LIRR's network." Tell it to the judge, Mr. Bonner.

Photo of the fire caused by lightening hitting power line by Juniper Park in Middle Village

Lightening hit a power line in Middle Village starting a fire on Dry Harbor Road

No wonder, many of the people in Kmart are verry slow at check out. To the point people won't go there because of it

Sure- the squirrels fault! Great deduction ConEd, maybe if you didn't cut down all of the squirrel's trees you'd be blaming rats! As kids my friends and I were horrified to see a squirrel get ELECTROCUTED in the middle of walking on a ConEd wire. I guess you'd blame that on the transformer too- even though the squirrel was NOWHERE NEAR THE TRANSFORMER! I want the name of the person who "ratted" out that squirrel!!! Boy how much more can Di Biozo and CuNomo kill NYC?

Sure, it's the "squirrels fault"! Great deduction Con Ed, maybe if you didn't cut down all of the squirrel's trees you'd be blaming rats! As kids my friends and I were horrified to see a squirrel get ELECTROCUTED in the middle of walking on a Con Ed wire. I guess you'd blame that on the transformer too- even though the squirrel was NOWHERE NEAR THE TRANSFORMER! I want to name of the person who "ratted" out that squirrel!!! Boy how much more can Di Biozo and Cunomo kill NYC?

It's 230pm and power has not been restored in Maspeth.

Did anyone catch the name of that squirrel? It would be nice to send a thank you card for helping us save money on our electric bill.

The MTA New York City Subway: The easiest place to commit suicide.

sad. The end of an era. Maybe Target or Walmart will take the space.

Who is this woman? I have been searching for my daughter for 4 years and she lives in Queens. She is 30 years old. She is suicidal.

I can’t believe it best store ever!!

Join Play4Autism for an evening of spreading awareness & laughter on Saturday, April 22nd at Pat\'s Sports Bar in Middle Village. For more info call 718-44-9863 [bpfb_images] 54805_0-11949800-1491704405_comedy-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

SHOOTING 4 AUTISM 10K HALF-COURT SHOOTOUT CHALLENGE Saturday, April 29th at Middle Village Playground Call 718-440-9863 for more info [bpfb_images] 54805_0-43111500-1491704324_10k-shootout.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Join Play4Autism and the staff at Shake Shack for a fun-filled hour of Arts & Crafts with a side of breakfast this Sunday, March 13th from 9 to 10am at the Queens Center Mall. This is a free event for all Kidz into Action members. Call 718-440-9863 to reserve your spot(s) today! [bpfb_images] 54805_0-52458700-1457707890_arts-_-crafts-flyer-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Why I deserve to win a trip to Cancun: Well, this is a little embarrassing, but the point is to win the trip, right? So here it goes…I was in the military for over 21 years. I am proud of my service and love my country. But it has been at a price. So, how do I begin? I’ll start at Ground Zero. As a member of the US Army National Guard, my Military Police unit was mobilized for Ground Zero on 9-11-01. We spent nearly a month working there. Those apocalyptic images and emotions will forever be imbeded into my psyche. I thought I had just about seen the worst man can do to man, on a massive scale. But I was mistaken. Because 15 months later my unit was deployed again, to a place called…Iraq. Once again, I saw and experienced things that, sometimes I relieve in my nightmares. But I am blessed, because I am alive. I cane home. And I thank God for that, because so many of my brothers did not. And I will live with that for the rest of my life. Perhaps later, I will delete this post, I think maybe its self serving and perhaps its inappropriate. But it has taken me years to be able to express myself. And perhaps this is a good thing. [bpfb_images] 36866_0-49093600-1446784880_img_2576-1.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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