Make all of the renovated stations ADA accessible. Oh yeah, the MTA can't because they're broke.

Thank god for Closed Circuit Television Surveillance Cameras all across the NYC Subway System.

And this is how this Mayor unfortunately will get another term, especially in places like LIC, where it is becoming the equivalent of Chicago’s Gold Coast as far as price goes. He makes an appearance at a very nice location with the other clowns, including Katz, all around for the Astoria Ferry Stop that opens next month and goes to Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, 34th Street and Wall Street. HOW NICE. And hear what a-hole Astoria Councilman Costa Constantinides “The ferry will help western Astoria, where residents have to endure long subway rides, stay better connected with our city and help revitalize Hallets Peninsula”. REALLY that long painful when will it ever end subway ride from Astoria to Manhattan. By the time you get their, you have aged three years. JESUS CHRIST, try enduring a subway ride from Jamaica on either the awful E or the little more civilized F, with all the damn homeless in the stations and on the subway cars. Tell people in Cambria Heights, Laurelton and Springfield Gardens what that travel is like to get to Manhattan. And Mayor Dumbo says: “It’s been less than three months and NYC Ferry has already served 1 million riders. “As we prepare to launch the Astoria route, we continue to add capacity to this brand-new and wildly popular system – one that connects transit-starved neighborhoods and commuters to jobs and the wider city.” Transit-starved, tell it to the folks from the three neighborhoods I just mentioned. So Jamaica gets the clown a-hole circus tour on so-so corner of Jamaica Ave & Sutphin Blvd while he talks about giving $20,000 to some business owners to make the front of their stores look more attractive, etc (nothing like a spruced up front of a 99 cent store), while a few blocks over the $2.2 million dollar upgrade to Rufus King Parks shows that the only people who benefited from that “upgrade” are the homeless who have set up encampments on over it including The Pavilion. Talk about a Tale of Two Cities and a Mayor who is completely out of touch with reality and the working class people just as the person he loves to criticize about the same things, Trump. A fake progressive liberal and a complete a-hole who also completely out of touch with reality. No wonder so many people are so miserable in this day and age. Time to move George Orwell’s 1984 from the fiction section to the non-fiction section.

When are they gonna spray the Ridgewood areas

#6 The Original Pizza Sam's When I used to live in Jackson Heights I would order from them all the time. It's nice to see that some things never change.

I'm not sure where the line between admiring the art and handicrafts of other cultures and using them in your home vs fetishizing and appropriating cultures that are not your own is. Feels a little like this lady crossed it though.

Right, affordable housing. For whom?

Hi all! Dropping by to enter the @Rickys_NYC Halloween competition! [bpfb_images] 36972_0-95736300-1446818713_12111969_10153810387154673_5645902533409888648_n.jpg [/bpfb_images]

18 Fun Facts about the Astoria Ditmars neighborhood... Enjoy 🙂

Why I deserve a trip to Cancun: Although I love Astoria very much, it\'s always nice to get away for a bit! And when I leave, I always appreciate coming back even more :o)

Why I deserve a Cancun trip: Recently I lost my editorial job after seven years with a company. It has been a very stressful time. My boyfriend is also in the academy for the FDNY and we can\'t really afford a much-needed trip on our own.

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