I saw this man jumping into the tracks and rolling under the train. He obviously tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful, since he didn't allow his head or neck to be hit by the train wheels. Still it was a horrifying experience to me that I wished I never had witnessed. I hope he can one day forgive himself for what he did.

A borough wide civil war for the city owned Rockaway Beach Branch: There will be winners ad losers on this war altogether.

Social Darwinism at its worst: Your life isn't worth it anymore, so you try to commit suicide the easiest way possible - The NYC Subway System.

"Going your way" & "Improving Non-stop" are the two bureaucratic and corruptive slogan that we must deal with it by the MTA, given by the fact that it needs to be done sooner rather than later. A major inconvenience by the riders to say the least.

Time will tell that there will be enough ridership to meet the operating costs.

Excellent Police Work! Danny Ruscillo Former President 100th Precinct Precinct Community Council.

Really excited to know Sugar Freak is just moving and not closing! I think there is a typo in the article as James Paloumbis is not the owner of Sugar Freak. He is the owner of Gossip Coffee and was the owner of MexiBBQ.

Joe Crowley by no means do I disagree that it's a shame this woman was attacked but I feel matters in queens should be handled by people who actually live here and see what goes on here , You don't live here you come to visit and play in your band remeber you moved you should worry about Virginia not Queens. I know you support sanctuary cities so that alone proves to me you don't give a rats ass about people who live here and are born here . Remember you suuport not helping local law enforcement on deporting of illegal aliens . Joe see that word in caps ILLEGAL yes that means they are breaking the law what is so hard to get about that . Do we have to wait until it's someone we know or a family member that gets hurt by an illegal criminal and then it's to late . Thank god Hillary lost I tremble to think what this world would have been like if another criminal Clinton was in office . I'm sorry I know you Two were tight and that was a big blow to your political career . Thank God .

Congressman why do you support Illegal Criminal Aliens and Sanctuary cities? There is a legal process for immigrants to enter this country. Just like waiting on a line at the store they should enter legally and stop cutting the line. These laws are already in place. You should be protecting us and our existing laws.

Hey Mr crowley I see the news travels all the way down to Virginia where you really live.A Congressman who represents queens who doesn't live there....Exactly what draining the swamp means you crooked flea bag!

I think it's time for the city (and other levels of government) to stop trying to find new things to tax and to find ways to cut the cost of providing essential services. Stop being involved in things that are not part of being a government, such as entertainment venues.

VanBramer's rally was not to condone hate speech, but the exact opposite. I'm sure this was a typo, but please fix it!

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Hi all! Dropping by to enter the @Rickys_NYC Halloween competition!

18 Fun Facts about the Astoria Ditmars neighborhood... Enjoy 🙂

Why I deserve a trip to Cancun: Although I love Astoria very much, it\'s always nice to get away for a bit! And when I leave, I always appreciate coming back even more :o)

Why I deserve a Cancun trip: Recently I lost my editorial job after seven years with a company. It has been a very stressful time. My boyfriend is also in the academy for the FDNY and we can\'t really afford a much-needed trip on our own.

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