I'm not sure where the line between admiring the art and handicrafts of other cultures and using them in your home vs fetishizing and appropriating cultures that are not your own is. Feels a little like this lady crossed it though.

Right, affordable housing. For whom?

Is this restaurant farm-to-market like Bareburger?

If he really wanted to kill himself .He would've done it early in the morning or late night when no one is around.

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Wait a minutes. I've seen many disgusting and more offensive signs that people carry to protest but no one got arrested, but put it on the wall is a crimes?

I saw this man jumping into the tracks and rolling under the train. He obviously tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful, since he didn't allow his head or neck to be hit by the train wheels. Still it was a horrifying experience to me that I wished I never had witnessed. I hope he can one day forgive himself for what he did.

A borough wide civil war for the city owned Rockaway Beach Branch: There will be winners ad losers on this war altogether.

Social Darwinism at its worst: Your life isn't worth it anymore, so you try to commit suicide the easiest way possible - The NYC Subway System.

"Going your way" & "Improving Non-stop" are the two bureaucratic and corruptive slogan that we must deal with it by the MTA, given by the fact that it needs to be done sooner rather than later. A major inconvenience by the riders to say the least.

Time will tell that there will be enough ridership to meet the operating costs.

Excellent Police Work! Danny Ruscillo Former President 100th Precinct Precinct Community Council.

Hi all! Dropping by to enter the @Rickys_NYC Halloween competition! [bpfb_images] 36972_0-95736300-1446818713_12111969_10153810387154673_5645902533409888648_n.jpg [/bpfb_images]

18 Fun Facts about the Astoria Ditmars neighborhood... Enjoy 🙂

Why I deserve a trip to Cancun: Although I love Astoria very much, it\'s always nice to get away for a bit! And when I leave, I always appreciate coming back even more :o)

Why I deserve a Cancun trip: Recently I lost my editorial job after seven years with a company. It has been a very stressful time. My boyfriend is also in the academy for the FDNY and we can\'t really afford a much-needed trip on our own.

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