Join us and local Astoria author Greg Dybec for his new book, The Art of Living Other People's Lives. When he isn't responsible for pleasing tens of millions of online readers a month as the managi [Read More]

Join us and author Lara Donnelly for the launch of her debut novel, Amberlough. In Amberlough, Le Carré meets Cabaret as a gay double agent schemes to protect his smuggler lover during the rise of [Read More]

All that needs to be done is stagger the traffic lights at 32nd street and you won't have any more problems

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Join Astoria three-piece punk rock outfit Amber Lamps as they celebrate the release of their debut album, Plaidypuss. Featuring live sets from TRLOL, Dead Day Rising, and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

A major concern for everyone, especially for people that are waiting for an MTA bus at the MTA bus stop.

And that is why subway crime was down because of the constant and positive communication between the MTA and the NYPD.

I agree 100% with the Captain.

Sick bastards!!! Go back to the shitty home you were raised in, you racist a$$holes!

Did you watch the video? He man literally said "Now that Trump is president, he'll revoke your visa"

What about the dog run?

Where's the connection to Trump? Even the freebee tabloids have gone berserk!

Not a Racist.... .but I speak the truth !!

What a unfortunate situation. Trump brings out the worst in Americans he ran a campaign on hatred, racism and division. White Americans obviously unaware of history have poor insight just as this man in the white SUV. What's sad as well is most white nypd officers would most likely let this man go. People if you want to learn about the world read books, study travel etc.try not to use the television as your education for all things. Ignorance is ugly. I hope the white mans family sees this video as well as his neighbors and co workers. To much disrespect in this world. The most respectful beautiful people I have ever meet are from countries afar. Most of the times Americans feel like they are the ultimate privealgef class of citizens. Try not to meet hatred with more hatred. Pray for these fools.

I understand your concern Rusty Lawson, in which that the entire BMT Astoria Line, in which the N & W trains are served, could be overcrowded along the line, 24/7/365. However, the MTA cannot add more trains because: 1) The 60th Street Tunnel that serves the N,R & W train services are at capacity under the East River; and 2) The signal system is very old, especially since they were implemented in the 1910s when the BMT was controlling these trains.

It seems the people in control do not use Public Transportation. This dose not make since. We need more trains on the N and W lines. There is more and more Housing development going on. The train so few have been not running. On time. W train needs to run more often.

Then again, because of the increased operating costs, as well as the overall possible bottleneck in the 60th street tunnel, I will be not surprised that the N train service will be greatly reduced, especially in rush hours, while moving other N train services to 96th Street in Manhattan. Basically, the people in the Western Queens waterfront is screwed big time.

MidCity Productions starts their 2016-17 season with the New York premiere of Orwell's '1984' adapted by Michael Gene Sullivan. Take witness as Winston Smith, just a lowly cog in Big Brother's mach [Read More]

This is not new news, I attended a meeting with the MTA awhile ago and they had told us it was being implemented in October.

He really want to do this as part of his own legacy for presidential aspirations in the 2020s, especially after when could possibly be governor for the third term.

We invite you to a unique two hour concert presented by the award-winning Zagreb Folk Dance Ensemble Dr. Ivan Ivančan. Here you will experience a diverse repertoire of song, dance, an [Read More]

It is necessary to restore this service because of more and more businesses and residents are living and working in western Queens along the East River waterfront.

Hi all! Dropping by to enter the @Rickys_NYC Halloween competition!

18 Fun Facts about the Astoria Ditmars neighborhood... Enjoy 🙂

Why I deserve a trip to Cancun: Although I love Astoria very much, it\'s always nice to get away for a bit! And when I leave, I always appreciate coming back even more :o)

Why I deserve a Cancun trip: Recently I lost my editorial job after seven years with a company. It has been a very stressful time. My boyfriend is also in the academy for the FDNY and we can\'t really afford a much-needed trip on our own.

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