Watch the aftermath of this idiot mayor's Queens circus tour: https://www.facebook.com/dinodruma/videos/330672470709561/

And watch what the media WON'T show about this clown's visit: https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2017/07/21/queens-woman-vicki-palidino-gives-it-to-mayor-dumbo-during-his-bullshit-queens-tour-that-amounts-to-an-election-campaign-and-totally-fucks-up-his-photo-op/

Mr Vallone verbalized to his Constituents that the music blasting from the World’s Fair Marina would be addressed. However the music has not subsided, As of 6/24/17.

It's Sunday 6/18/17 at 10:15pm and the loud music is back from last year. Made a 311 complaint. Hope it helps.

Superstorm Sandy is a wake-up call for all of us, especially for the MTA to be resilient to future storms and sea level rises, in which it will be a norm from ow on.

Please explain to me how this mother is released without bail after endangering the saftey of her child and the other children in school, but a man can lose his 3 younger children because an older child from a previous marriage, age 15 had a small bad of marijuana on him. He accidentally dropped it on the floor.The coupme's 3 year old child found it. She brought it to the grandfather. The woman used this as her reason to divorce the man and seek FULL custody of their three children. The court awarded her that custody. Both of these stories occurred in Queens. You cannot tell me that this is not a clear indication that there is a double standard in the family court system.

I think it's time for the city (and other levels of government) to stop trying to find new things to tax and to find ways to cut the cost of providing essential services. Stop being involved in things that are not part of being a government, such as entertainment venues.

This stuff never happened when my father ran the snack bar at Pier 1. The city took over and look at what happened. My father was the one who ran people out who played music and also told the cruise ships to cut the music at a certain time. Even when my father was alive doing all of this for the Worlds Fair because he loved it, they still didn't appreciate it. So saddening to see it become this, If I could I would try to run it again in a heart beat. Sorry this is happening to the community, my father would not be happy. Respectfully, Annmarie Kiefer, Peter Kiefers' Daughter.

WELL, none of that sounds like any kind of appropriate answer for a problem that has been going on for years. AND where is our unethical borough president on all of this, where are you unethical Katz. You are NEVER at the forefront of any Queens issues, illegal conversions, the dumping of homeless shelters, this kind of noise, nothing.

This is not new news, I attended a meeting with the MTA awhile ago and they had told us it was being implemented in October.

He really want to do this as part of his own legacy for presidential aspirations in the 2020s, especially after when could possibly be governor for the third term.

Safety is a number one issue for all route changes, especially in residential areas.

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