City flushes Cambria Hgts. water pipes free of sediment

By Peter A. Sutters Jr.

Cambria Heights was taken off of a well once owned by Jamaica Water Company last Thursday and put on city water, Cambria Heights Civic Association President Kevin Jemmott said.Residents had been complaining about discolored water in recent weeks prior to the switch, but their water should return to normal once all of the pipes are flushed clean. The areas affected are in the boundaries of the North Conduit Avenue/ Southern State Parkway, Laurelton Parkway/ Cross Island Parkway, Hempstead Avenue, and Springfield Boulevard/ Francis Lewis Boulevard. Jemmott said the reason for the water discoloration is that when the pipes were installed, they were not fitted with a lining that prevented sediment from building up. Over a period of time the sediment has restricted the flow of the water and the sediment has broken off under pressure, causing the discoloration. The DEP will be flushing the pipes through fire hydrants in the overnight hours, weather permitting. If the temperate drops below freezing, the flushing will be suspended to avoid ice build-up in the streets. Residents may notice additional discoloring of their water as well as a drop in water pressure and are encouraged to call 311 if they have extended problems. DEP could not post the times or locations of the flushing because of the variable weather factor, but the program has already begun and will continue for several weeks.Jemmott said the solution is only a temporary one since it does not address the lack of lining in the pipes, but he did say that all of the pipes will be replaced during the course of the next three years. Reach reporter Peter A. Sutters Jr. by e-mail at news@timesledger.com or by phone at 718-229-0300 Ext 173.

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