Gioia gives computers to I.S. 125

When school starts up in 2009, students at I.S. 125 in Woodside will have a new computer lab, complete with 30 new, state-of-the-art machines, thanks to a grant from City Councilmember and proud alumnus, Eric Gioia.
The local legislator secured a grant of $75,000 that allowed the school to purchase the new computers, which are a vital learning instrument for students to gain skills that will help them succeed in college and beyond.
“Our children expect and deserve to know that when they graduate from our schools they know they are receiving a well rounded, top-flight education,” Gioia said. “It’s essential for every child in a 21st century school to have access to computers, and this computer lab will go a long way towards making sure students from I.S. 125 graduate with the skills they need to succeed.”
The new computers will help the students learning by providing them with individual attention while also being interactive. Computers also allow students to use the vast resources of the Internet for research, while also connecting them to the global community.
“We’re very happy to have a former student give back to the school like this, and we’re pleased with the work Councilmember Gioia has done on behalf of schools in Queens,” said I.S. 125 Principal Judy Mittler, who said the school named the lab after Gioia. “The lab is a great addition to the school and the community and will help countless students learn for years to come.”
When Gioia won election to the Council in 2001, he quickly visited every public school in his district, speaking to principals, teachers, parents and more than 10,000 students about how to make our schools better places to learn.

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