Celebrate valentine’s day with a healthy heart

February marks the calendar page for Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, so there’s never been a better reason to be good to your heart. A few simple steps today can keep it beating strong all year long so you can live life to the fullest.
Here are three tips that can help promote heart health:
1) A little red gift your heart will love.
Many of us know that omega-3 fatty acids are important for heart health and have decided to supplement our diets with fish oil in order to benefit from these omega-3s. But did you know there’s another source for omega-3s that is smaller and easier to take than bulky fish oil softgels and also three times more powerful for supporting cardiovascular health? It’s krill oil … and it’s a gift you should give your heart each day.
Krill oil is supplied from krill, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world. Like fish oil, krill oil contains essential omega-3 fatty acids. However, the omega-3s in krill oil are linked together in a different form — a more soluble structure that is easily absorbed by our bodies. Just one krill oil softgel, about the size of a coffee bean, supports a key marker of cardiovascular health better than three large fish oil softgels, without the fishy smell or aftertaste.
MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil from Schiff is shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials. Krill oil promotes cardiovascular health and maintains cholesterol levels within the normal range. The antioxidant astaxanthin found in krill oil, which gives it its red color, neutralizes free radicals — harmful metabolic by-products that damage cells and tissues throughout the body. Visit www.schiffmegared.com or call (800) 526-6251 to learn more.
2) A heart-healthy eating plan your family.
Eating heart-healthy doesn’t have to mean bland foods that don’t satisfy. Try new recipes and think creatively with food. Here are some guidelines:
Meat: Choose lean meats to help cut down on saturated and trans fat. Poultry without the skin, and red meat and pork labeled ‘loin’ and ‘round’ usually have less fat. Grill, bake and broil instead of frying. Jazz up meat with different herbs and spices.
Dairy: Whole-fat dairy products are a thing of the past. Look for low-fat versions of milk, butter, yogurt and cheese that are often just as tasty. If you’re finding that switching is hard, do it gradually. For example, mix whole milk with 1 percent until your taste buds adjust.
3) Get moving for a happy heart.
Now that you’re eating right and getting your omega-3s and antioxidants with the krill oil supplement you’re taking, the final step is to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. If you’re able to attend a gym, get a partner involved and encourage each other. If you don’t visit a gym, try working out at home in front of the TV or go outside and do some yard work.
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