Republicans celebrate new councilmember

The gathering at Howard Beach’s Ronald Reagan Republican Club meeting on March 30 was lively and abundant.
Both Queens Commissioner of the Board of Elections, Judy Stupp, and City Councilmember Eric Ulrich, were there as guest speakers.
“I’m proud that there’s a club in Queens,” Stupp said. “And it’s one year old.”
Stupp spoke of elections, both past and future, and how poll workers have a large amount of power during those elections.
“Who in here is a poll worker?” Stupp asked. Some hands shot up out of the crowd.
“None of the elections can take place without you,” she continued. “You have the power and integrity to keep the votes secure.”
Stupp also praised the people that worked to help Ulrich campaign.
“I’m proud to have him elected as my City Councilmember,” Stupp said. “We need to keep him in office, so there’s much more work to be done.”
Ulrich agreed that the work is not over and that there is much to do to keep the seat.
He said that winning the Special Election on February 24 was not due to just his efforts.
“If I start to thank everyone who helped by name I would name everyone in this room, so thank you all,” Ulrich said. “But now the honeymoon is over.”
He continued, “We just released our first press release,” Ulrich said. “And I’ve been appointed to the Transportation Committee.”
Ulrich was also appointed to the Environmental Protection Committee, Higher Education Committee and, he joked, the Youth Committee.
“I don’t know if the Speaker of the City Council put me on that one as a joke, but it works. I am still a youth,” Ulrich, 24, said.
And as he made his way to take his seat in the back of the room, someone shouted out “And he’s the most handsome City Councilman too.”