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Spend carefully in rough economy

We are in a deep economic recession and see many Queens residents out of work, homes being foreclosed and local businesses closing. Those of us working have been forced to cut back and make difficult financial decisions.

So I was shocked to read in a local newspaper, that our borough presidents are spending our tax dollars and we are getting nothing in return. Borough President Helen Marshall, for example, seems to be spending money on needless expenditures:

• $20 million on a glass atrium for Queens Borough Hall

• $103,000 on office furniture

• $4,994 on picture frames

Her office also spent $50,000 annually on a professional photographer for her events, not to mention $200,000 to fix the King Manor Museum’s chimney. The borough presidents also have chauffeurs.

To all of this, I say take a bus, cab or train and be an example of thrift in these hard economic times.

Frederick R Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village

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