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Judge ejects two jurors from Gotti trial

By Philip Newman

Federal Judge Kevin Castel fired two rancorous jurors from the jury hearing John Gotti Jr.’s racketeering trial today, setting off a screaming, profanity-laced protest from the mother of the reputed mobster.

The judge had previously implored jurors No. 7 and No. 11 to moderate their conduct on the jury after an anonymous letter writer accused No. 7 of disruptive behavior and of dragging out the deliberations until Christmas.

No. 11 said No. 7 had taunted her, calling her a “hater.”

As the judge sought to dismiss the two jury members, Victoria Gotti, mother of the man on trial, rose and shouted, “This is a railroad. This is whatthey did to your father. They’re the gangsters. You sons of b——.”

Gotti, seated at the defense table, turned back toward the spectators gallery andsaid,“Please, Mother. Please, I’m fine.”

The trial, Gotti’s fourth since 2005, is nearing the end of its seventh week. He is charged with racketeering and murder.

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