Make parking easier in Flushing

To all the geniuses who think it is a good idea to add thousands of more people to downtown Flushing, I say try going to the municipal lot we currently have and getting a parking spot on the weekends.

Once I spent 30 minutes driving in circles only to find that each row of parking already had three to four cars sitting idle, waiting for a spot to open. I finally gave up all hopes of getting any sort of parking in the downtown Flushing area.

I got pulled over once on Main Street because I failed to obey a no turn sign in the street. I asked the officer, “How could you expect me to look up and read the signs yet yield to the hundreds of people walking around my vehicle, completely oblivious to whether they should even be crossing the street?”

If I took my eyes off all the jaywalking pedestrians for even a second, I could have run over at least 20 people at any given time. I am all for improvement, but the thought of cranes, construction crews, scaffolds, mess and closed-off streets for about two years — only to be left with thousands more people and their cars and pollution and less parking — is ridiculous.

What the people need is cleaner air to breathe, open spaces for serenity, trees, parks and schools for their children. Will there be any improvements to our current sewer system or overcrowded buses?

We need community facilities and amenities to benefit the people living here now. We cannot park our cars in Flushing as it is now. Our public schools are overcrowded now. How can the Department of City Planning justify adding housing for thousands more and call that progress?

Flushing is already affordable. Look how many people live here and how overcrowded the streets are. When will enough be enough?

Janet McCreesh


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