Sen. Padavan’s earmarks pale in comparison to Smith, Dems

As a former president of a civic association for more than 25 years and someone who has been active in civics for at least 35 years, I take umbrage in the headline “Smith, Padavan lead the pack in Albany pork” in the Mar. 25-31 editions of TimesLedger Newspapers.

This is an absolutely misleading title to the article. State Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) has led all Republican senators with $510,000 in member items, which was $718,000 below the Senate average, as the article states. The unfair way you have chosen to head this article means people not reading the whole piece will assume Padavan is spending as much as Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-St. Albans), an unfair conclusion — especially in view of the bad press the state Legislature has been getting recently.

In all my years in civics, I have never had a closer ally in helping my association’s residents than Padavan. As to your description, the senator introduced legislation to end corruption in the Legislature. It would be fair if you would point this out and apologize for your misrepresentation.

Bernard M. Aquilino

President Emeritus

Rocky Hill Civic Association

Bellerose Manor

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