Blizzard break

I’ve heard, read and experienced the pains, agonies and disappointments of the snowstorm and its incapacitating effects. The plows weren’t fast enough, the city didn’t respond adequately . . . But why are we all in such a rush? The blanket of white provided a welcome respite from the fast-paced grind and pressing demands of our regular daily lives.
It was an acceptable reason not to report to work. It was extra time with my two-year-old son. It was a chance to assist neighbors with shoveling, sharing basic staples and bonding over a common condition.
I never felt exasperated or trapped. I knew the conditions would quickly pass and the snow would subside, as it has. I recognize that basic services must continue as needed. However, I question the overzealous aggression of those lambasting our own city and not simply stopping to enjoy an uncommon and beautiful moment of tranquility.

Brian McCaffrey, Esq.
Glen Oaks

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