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Teachers deserve better than layoffs

With the recent dire economic news from both the city and Albany, it appears again that education is one of the main areas that will take a fiscal hit. Laying off any teachers will prove a negative consequence that will severely affect how well thousands of students will be taught.

Teachers work under extremely difficult conditions, ranging from overcrowded classes to lack of administrative support and classroom supplies. There is no logical reason to even consider laying off teachers. There must be an alternative way to approach this devastating blow to education.

The governor and the mayor need to work in tandem with the United Federation of Teachers to see to it that teachers are not laid off. Our profession is one that should be treated with a lot more professionalism and respect. We do our best to give our students the best education and help them realize their full potential.

Do not mess around with education in this city, state or nation.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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