Shutterbugs from the Towers Camera Club

For Dawn Steinberg, photography has been a life-long interest and she said she has always been using her camera for something.
“I was always taking photos with whatever inexpensive camera we had,” she said, adding that she has been interested in famous photographers, particularly Ansel Adams.
Through her photography, Steinberg said she is “just trying to capture” what she sees.
“I find it difficult to capture what the human eye can actually see,” she said. Steinberg also said, “I find it a wonderful way to see things.”
Steinberg’s husband, who is now deceased, was also interested in photography. When they bought a house, they created their own darkroom in the basement. After their son was born, they also took many photos of him.
As a teacher, Steinberg also found a way to use a camera in her in the classroom while teaching gifted students. This included taking photos of them at their work stations and posting them on bulletin boards.
Steinberg moved into North Shore Towers in July of 2009 and joined the camera club the following month. As a member of the club, Steinberg said she has being learning about how to do things with her photography on the computer.
“They’re a wonderful group of people,” she said. “It’s fun.”
There are many things in nature Steinberg likes to photograph, such as rock formations and the land itself. She also likes to take pictures of architecture.
However, during a recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, Steinberg noticed that she was taking many photos of people.
“I couldn’t get over how interesting the faces were,” she said.
Steinberg has travelled to many countries where she has been able to put her camera to use. Her travels have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Chile and Argentina, among other countries.
Some of the photos that Steinberg is most proud of have come out of her trips to different countries. This includes the “remarkable rocks” in New Zealand, a bamboo forest in Japan and a suspended lemon tree in Israel.
North Shore Towers has also provided Steinberg with material for her photography. She walks the grounds taking photos and said she takes pictures of the constantly changing flowers at the cooperative.
“I think it’s a great place,” said Steinberg, who has exhibited at the Towers art show.
Steinberg’s next trip will take her to Alaska. There are many other places she’d like to travel to, such as the Galapagos Islands and Russia.
Steinberg has already begun to pass her love of photographer to her two grandchildren, who are 4 ½ and almost 7. In addition to taking photos of them, Steinberg let’s them use her camera to take their own pictures.

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