Registration open for Golden Gloves

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The crown jewel for boxing aficionados, the Daily News Golden Gloves, is increasing its reach and accepting jabs from a wider population.

For the first time in Golden Gloves history, the tournament will be open to all entries from the state of New York when registration opens for 2012.

“After 85 years of world-class competition, it’s about time that we expand the reach of the Daily News Golden Gloves to include all of New York,” said Gloves director Brian Adams. “As the oldest and largest boxing tournaments in the world, we want to set a positive example for the youth of New York state, not just those representing the metropolitan area. It’s a chance to follow in the footsteps of the many boxing greats that got their start in the Daily News Golden Gloves.”

In previous years, the tournament was only open to city and Long Island residents — but now, every amateur boxer in the state will get a chance to fight for the state’s greatest amateur prize on the grand Madison Square Garden stage.

“We’re opening the door to upstate which is a good thing,” Chief of Officials Mike Rosario said. “It’s the New York Daily News Golden Gloves. What else can you say?”

The deadline for registration is December 31. To become a part of New York boxing history this January, participants are encouraged to sign up for the Daily News Golden Gloves as soon as possible. The easiest and quickest way to enter is through the Gloves web site at www.nydailynews.com/goldengloves. Forms can also be found in the Daily News.

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