New Zip Plan In the Works

Looking To Give Glendale Own Code

Glendale residents who have experienced problems with mail delivery which they believe are due to their mailing information are being asked by two local lawmakers to provide them with details about their troubles as they work on a proposal to create a separate ZIP code for the neighborhood.

In a letter circulated at the Glendale Property Owners Association meeting last Thursday, Apr. 19, Rep. Bob Turner stated that he is working with Assemblyman Mike Miller on a plan “to submit an application for a unique Glendale ZIP code” to the United States Postal Service’s New York district manager.

“I know that the residents of Glendale have attempted to obtain a unique ZIP code for several years that would separate their neighborhood from Ridgewood,” Turner wrote. “Though this effort has so far been unsuccessful, I would like to learn more about the issue.”

Glendale and Ridgewood currently share the 11385 ZIP code. Originally, both neighborhoods were assigned 11227, which was considered part of the Brooklyn postal zone. Through a campaign led in part by the late-Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, the communities were assigned their present code in 1979.

At that time, it was noted, the switch was desired by many in the community since insurance rates were set based on ZIP codes, and the premiums paid by residents living in ZIP codes based in Queens were generally lower.

In recent years, Glendale has sought own ZIP code as a symbol of its own identity, among other reasons. The GPOA and local elected officials petitioned the USPS to create a separate code for the neighborhood, but was turned down in November 2007. A USPS spokesperson said at that time that there were “operational factors” which led to the decision.

In preparing the new application, Turner asked Glendale residents to send to his office correspondence “about any problems or issues that you have experienced due to this ZIP code situation.”

Letters about the Glendale ZIP code issue may be sent to Turner to the attention of Redmond Haskins at the congressman’s office, located at 82-80A Eliot Ave., Middle Village, N.Y. 11379. For additional information, call Haskins at 1-718-426-5000.

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